Hi! I’m Jessie Nilo.

And it’s not about me.


I love to help artists come together in order to transform the world for beauty. It’s a little idea called art ministry, and I’ve been enjoying it for 15 years now.

I believe art ministry is for you and me. It’s the little things we do that glorifies God. You can create and minister from your abundance, no matter your location, vocation, or the season you’re in.

If you desire authentic community where creatives know they belong, then I can definitely help you.

I have a 15-year track record of building wonderful art communities where people love to play in the beauty of art ministry.


  • Weirdo since birth

  • At 3 years old, a self-taught creator of visual art

  • Was told by my 8th grade art teacher that I was NOT creative, which sent me plummeting into shame, yet I couldn’t stop making art

  • As an adult, God taught me how to overcome creative block and stop barricading emotions from self-protection

  • Graduate of Boise State University with a B.F.A. Illustration and a B.A. Graphic Design

  • Bringer-together of artists and creatives since 2004


  • Founder of VineArts in 2004 (the art ministry of my local church) which I still direct today

  • Mentor, consultant, and teacher for hundreds of art ministers around the world since 2009

  • Posted 45+ YouTube videos about art ministry since 2009

  • Visual art teacher in my city’s private art schools, community centers, churches, and jails since 2012

  • Live painter in church and in the city

  • Coordinates a variety of art ministry outreaches for groups, universities, and communities for 15 years and counting

  • Speaker at Reflect and Creative Church Conferences and workshops since 2012

  • Has been retro-fitting art studios in schools, community centers, and church buildings since 2006

  • Co-creator and host of over seventy visual art exhibits (solo and group shows) in public, church, and schools

How excited is Jessie about art?

  • Well, I transformed our dark home basement into a bright home studio, where I create mostly in acrylic.

  • I paint live on stage at jazz concerts downtown, Indie rock concerts, conferences, weddings, and church worship services. It’s all worshipping God to me. And I’ve sold a lot of art. It profoundly blesses me and others, too.

  • Alongside my husband, we’ve raised 4 artistic children who utilize the arts in their careers to serve and beautify their communities.

  • I’ve been told by prominent Christian speakers at national art conferences: “Local visual art DOES NOT belong in churches.” (They mean well.) We have great conversations anyway, and I continue to champion local art in local churches. In my online course, our faculty teach brilliant methods that foster creative growth, artistic excellence, and community inclusiveness. Some academic folks continue to poo-poo the idea, and that’s okay. (Not all of them do!) We’ve seen the fruit of doing visual art in our church. God has ushered in hope, beauty, and healing through the art we make… and it has changed us forever.

  • I spent 2 years creating this online art ministry school for you. It features the best and brightest art ministry faculty in the world. I hope you enroll in the course—I would love to meet you!

When you decide to open the door and transform the world for beauty, I’d be honored to come alongside you.

I’ll help you build something the creative people around you have been looking for all their lives: a place to belong.