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Foundations of Art Ministry


Online Course



5 months of weekly lessons
January through May


3 months of mentoring and
art ministry portfolio DEVELOPMENT

Begins january 6, 2020

Welcome to the art ministry course created by Jessie Nilo.

Jessie founded VineArts Boise in 2004 which is still thriving today. She’s convinced art ministry is replicable when Jesus is the center of it.

YOU can empower art communities to usher in beauty and transform lives, wherever you are. Watch people grow spiritually and artistically in community, whether you are ministering inside or outside of a local church.

Jessie has poured tens of thousands of hours into art ministry. She’s developed solid, trustworthy principles that actually work. And she knows YOU can do this!

I wish I had this course when we first started our art ministry. We would have avoided mistakes! The course is packed with valuable information! I’m still smiling.
— Linda Spiars, Phoenix, AZ

Time commitment:

January through May:
6 hours per week on your own time

June through August:
Flexible hours

Break weeks on holiday weeks.

This course is designed for ages 16 to adult.


How does it work?

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step 1

Enroll in the Foundations course.

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step 2

Watch the weekly video lessons about art and ministry.

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step 3

Do your weekly art assignment and upload it.

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step 4

Engage with Jessie and fellow students about that week’s lesson.

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step 5

Complete 94% or more of the course and be certified in Foundations of Art Ministry.

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step 6

Turn your artwork, class notes, projects, and photos into a unique art ministry portfolio that conveys the vision for your chosen area in art ministry.

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step 7

Multiply! Encourage 3 artists this year… invite them to encourage 3 others… and before you know it, 40 artists will be affected for the better.


Students Receive:

2-month Money-back guarantee

It’s that good. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this course during the first 60 days, you’ll get your tuition back, no questions asked. Read our student testimonials here.

Personal mentoring with Jessie Nilo

By popular demand, this course includes individual mentoring with Jessie Nilo, who has consulted with hundreds of art leaders over 15 years. Enjoy personal chats with Jessie, weekly office hours, group video sessions, and feedback on your art and ministry projects.

peer support of an international ART community

Our group interactions are carefully designed for structure, freedom, accountability, and maximum engagement of a supportive community. All students are inclusive and love giving positive encouragement to others.

Lessons in Art and Ministry

You will go deep into art leadership training while expanding your visual art skills tremendously. Step-by-step video lessons include instruction in:

  • visual art lessons

  • art and emotional healing

  • art leadership training

  • avoiding the most common mistakes in art ministry

  • the discipleship needs of artists

  • scripture and the imagination

  • intro to creative writing

  • engaging with God in visual art

  • personal prayer art

  • how to help artists make “live art” successfully in a gathering

  • valuable tips on how to teach art to others

  • working with artists inside and outside of the local church

  • leading artist communities

  • loving your city through art

  • collaborating with artists who work in more mediums than you've ever heard of

  • intro to theology and the arts

  • developing your unique art ministry portfolio

  • how to partner with city organizations who have grant money to spend on healing communities through art

  • how to approach different church denominations with art ministry ideas and artist-in-residency proposals

  • how to apply for funding from Art Fruition to help YOU serve in a church or community setting of your choice

You’re Not Alone

If you’re nervous or excited, perhaps this course is for you.

Each student is closely supported throughout this course. This is not a self-paced course, where the community is scattered in different sections and there is no accountability. Instead, Foundations of Art Ministry students go through lessons together during the same week, on their own time, processing it together as a community.

We witness tremendous hope, healing, encouragement, artistic growth, and spiritual breakthroughs on a regular basis. See our testimonials here.

Don’t wait! God has amazing things in store for us.

Though the Darkness Hide Thee  by Jessie Nilo, acrylic on canvas 30 x 40”

Though the Darkness Hide Thee by Jessie Nilo, acrylic on canvas 30 x 40”

Universal designer: jesus

The principles we use in Art Fruition are rooted in Christ’s inclusiveness, love, discipleship, and creativity. He created all things (John 1:1) and is the center of all beauty and ministry.

Glitterface after painting at Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho

Glitterface after painting at Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho

mentor: jessie nilo

The main instructor for this course. Jessie will be interacting with students throughout your 5 months of weekly lessons and 3-month portfolio development. See more about Jessie here.

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